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Most secure door lever lock set - Budget friendly /Secure and quality door lever lock set


There are many types of door lever lock set that are made by HYDI. They are available with different functions and adequate for doors in private and public spaces. 

The door lever locks comes in a variety of colors making it fashionable and fitting for various doors. With its adjustable backset, they are suitable for both right and left handed doors and can be used indoors and outdoors. While the door lever lock set are modeled to be appealing for interiors, the exterior doors are built to be functional as well. Users can try the key-operated door lever lock set for maximum security. They are an excellent choice that provides guaranteed security in accordance with ANSI Grade 3 standard passing through the testing of 250,000 cyles, 2 door strikes, and 150 pound of weight.

Contrary to the common cylinder locks shape, the door lever locks come in other shapes such as square, triangle or rectangle. There is a wide selection, making it easy for users to choose based on their preferences. They are available in satin, nickel, matte black, antique brass, and rose. Best of all, they are compatible with most wooden doors as their thickness tend to range from 35 to 45mm. 

The door lever locks are user friendly and comes with an installlation guide to encourage users installate it themselves with a screw driver. The installation guide breaks down the process and first timers could easily follow through without a lock smith.  

The door lever lock set are made with solid Zinc alloy material attesting to its strength and long life span as they are is able to withstand wear or damage. The handles are also water resistant. Built with atmosphere and corrosion resistance, they are perfect and adaptable for various humidity conditions. Meanwhile users are assured of long-term use with proper care and maintenance. 

To top it all, users get these good quality locks from HYDI at budget friendly prices. 


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