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With the development of electronic deadbolt door locks,more and more different styles electronic deadbolt locks emerges.The E0210 we propose is durable and fashionable .The deadbolt door lock body is made of zinc material with solid brass cylinder .The electronic deadbolt door locks can reach the ANSI Grade 3 standard , pass the Cycle Test 10,000 times ,Latch Bolt Strength 3000N,Cylinder Assembly Pulling Test 2200N,Cylinder Face Impact Test 100J,Salt Spray Test 72H and so on.


There are two ways to open the lock including fingerprint ,password and keys.The way fingerprint make it more convenient.If you forget to bring the keys ,you just to open the door lock by your finger.It can save 150 finger / password users.


Our electronic deadbolt locks is suitable to 35-45 mm door thickness with adjustable 60/70mm latch .It can work during -31°F to 158°F (-35°C to 70°C).


Electronic deadbolt locks


Our electronic deadbolt door locks also with a variety of functions:

  • Vocation mode
  • Normal open mode,
  • silent mode
  • anti-peeping function
  • with emergency charging interface
  • When the lock voltage is lower than 4.8V, the alarm prompts to replace the battery
  • With the function of locking inside the door, only the administrator can open the door after the door is locked, to better ensure personal privacy
  • If you enter incorrect passwords six times within three minutes, the system locks for one minute to prevent the battery from running out






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